Tata Sky Customer Care Number For DTH Service Assistance

Tata Sky Customer Care Number For DTH Service Assistance


Tata Sky is one of the leading DTH service providers in India with over 30 million subscribers. However, users may face certain issues that require contacting Tata Sky customer care for prompt redressal.

In this post, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to reach Tata Sky customer care through calls, email, chat, social media, and other channels. Read on to learn how you can easily connect with Tata Sky’s customer support team.

Why I Prefer Tata Sky As My DTH Service?

Before getting into the customer care details, let me highlight some key reasons why I choose Tata Sky over other DTH operators like Airtel, Dish TV, D2h, etc:

  • Picture quality – Offers superior HD clarity with 1080p resolution and Dolby Digital sound.
  • Channel variety – 500+ channels covering genres like sports, movies, infotainment etc.
  • Value-added services – Useful value-added services like Showcase VOD, Apps, Games etc.
  • Customer support – Multiple options to reach customer care for quick issue resolution.
  • Reliability – Robust satellite network resulting in minimal service disruptions.
  • Easy recharges – Various online and offline recharge options for convenience.

Considering the above benefits, Tata Sky is my preferred DTH service provider. Now let’s see how to contact their customer support.

How To Reach Tata Sky Customer Care?

You can connect with Tata Sky customer care through the following channels:

ata Sky Customer Care Call helpline number

The easiest way is to directly call Tata Sky customer care helpline number 1800 208 6633. It is a toll-free number available 24×7 for instant assistance over the call.

Explain your issues like recharge errors, channel subscription etc. and provide your subscriber ID for quick resolution.

Email your grievance

You can send an email regarding your Tata Sky related problems and queries to their customer care team at care@tatasky.com.

Mention your subscriber ID and issue details in the email. The team will look into the matter and respond over email with steps to resolve the issues.

Chat online

Tata Sky also provides online chat support to interact directly with customer care executives and get real-time assistance.

To chat, visit www.tatasky.com website and click on ‘Live Chat’ icon at the bottom to start chatting.

Follow on Twitter

Many subscribers also tweet their issues to Tata Sky’s official Twitter handle @TataSky. The social media team promptly responds with acknowledgement and helps resolve queries.

However, limit tweets to just 1-2 lines about the issue. Detailed issues are best handled over call, email or chat.

Access self-help resources

Tata Sky website and app have extensive FAQs, how-to-guides, step-by-step tutorials etc. that can resolve common issues in a DIY mode without contacting an executive.

Visit nearest partner store

For issues that require in-person assistance, visit the nearest Tata Sky partner store. The store executives will help you with recharge, set-top box settings, documentation etc. on the spot.

You can locate the nearest partner store on Tata Sky’s website by entering your location details.

Key Takeaways – Contacting Tata Sky Care

  • Call helpline 1800 208 6633 for instant call center assistance
  • Email queries and complaints to care@tatasky.com
  • Chat online with executives for real-time resolution
  • Tweet issues to @TataSky for social media support
  • Access self-help resources on website, app for DIY service
  • Visit partner stores for in-person support

Thus, by identifying the right channel based on issue criticality, you can save time and effort in getting assistance from Tata Sky customer care.


Tata Sky ensures seamless DTH experience through its comprehensive customer service network including call center, email, chat, social media, self-service resources and partner stores.

This wide coverage allows subscribers to conveniently choose how to reach out as per their preference. Knowing when and how to optimally use the different channels along with submitting subscriber ID further aids quick resolution.

With Tata Sky’s robust support system, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.