Telenor Monthly Easy Card 750

Telenor Monthly Easy Card 750


If you want an affordable and hassle-free way to access the Internet, Telenor Monthly Easy Card 750 The best package for you. This offering is designed to ease all the frustrations of unreliable connections. Moreover, users can experience a new level of high-speed internet connectivity. With this monthly card package, you can enjoy fast data transfer that helps you perform all the online activities like work tasks, streaming, gaming and much more. Here, we are going to discuss Telenor Easy Card 750 check code and other details.


With Telenor Monthly EasyCard 750 activation, you will never have to worry about data exhaustion and slow internet speed. Additionally, you will get to experience ultra-high-speed internet at an affordable price of Rs 750. Additionally, you can enjoy non-stop streaming, calling and chatting for the next 30 days. You will get 16GB (8GB 1 AM-9 AM) internet data, 3500 telenor and ptcl minutes, 300 other network minutes and 1750 SMS for the entire month. Today, we are going to discuss Telenor Monthly EasyCard 750 activation code, MB check code, validity and other details. have a look:

Telenor Easy Card 750 Code and Other Details

Description Description
package name Telenor Monthly EasyCard 750
legality 30 days (one month)
price Rupee. Rs 695 (including taxes)
balance required Rupee. 750 pkr
on-net minutes Rs 3500 (including PTCL minutes), Rs 300 off-net and Rs 1750 SMS
internet data 16GB (8GB 1 AM-9 AM)
membership code Dial *345*19#
Check remaining MBS codes Dial *999#
check remaining minutes code Dial *222#
balance check code Dial *444#
unsubscribe code Subscription automatically expires after validity time

Telenor Monthly Easy Card 750 Subscription Code

proposal eligibility

Telenor offers this monthly bundle only for prepaid SIM users. Postpaid, Data SIM and Telenor MBB users are not eligible to avail this package.

How to subscribe to Telenor Easy Card 750?

Activating Telenor package is very easy. However, there are several ways to activate Telenor monthly packages. Some methods are given below:

ussd code

The easiest way to subscribe to this package is to dial *345*19# from your mobile phone. Before subscribing, ensure that you have a balance of Rs. Rs 750 in your Telenor SIM.

Through My Telenor App

Another option is to use the My Telenor app, which is an official app released by Jazz for the convenience of its customers. To subscribe to Telenor EasyCard (Telenor Monthly EasyCard Rs. 750 Package) through the app. First download and install the app. Confirm your SIM number and follow the step-by-step process. Once you open the app, you’ll see a “Bundle” icon on the bottom menu. Scroll down the package list to find the monthly EasyCard offer. If it doesn’t appear, use the search button and type “Monthly EasyCard 16GB Package”. Once you find it, tap to subscribe to the bundle.

telenor website

If you want to subscribe to any package, you can easily do so through the official telenor Website. All you need to do is visit the website and search for the package you want to activate. Once you find it, enter your SIM number in the subscription field. You will then receive a confirmation SMS to confirm your subscription. So, don’t hesitate and activate your desired package right away!

Visit your retail store

Visit your nearest retail outlet and request the manager to activate the desired package on your phone number.

  • Find the nearest Jazz Retailer store in your area.
  • Tell the store manager about the package you want to activate.
  • Offer him your jazz number.
  • Once you receive the confirmation SMS, make sure to turn on data and check if the package is working or not.

Telenor Monthly Easy Card 750 Balance MB Check CodeTelenor Monthly Easy Card 750 Balance MB Check Code

online banking channel

It is also possible to subscribe to Telenor packages through other online banking channels such as Easypaisa, Sadapay, Jazz Cash, HBL Connect and Meezaan online banking app.

questions to ask

What is Telenor Monthly EasyCard 750?

Telenor Monthly EasyCard 750 is a monthly internet package launched by Jazz. The bundle comes with 16GB internet data, 3500 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes and 1750 SMS.

What is the membership code for EasyCard 750?

The subscription code for Telenor EasyCard 750 is *345*19#. Moreover, you can activate it using other methods given above.

How to check Telenor balance?

Checking Telenor balance is a straightforward process. Dial *444# from your Telenor and you will get a pop-up message from the service.

How to check remaining minutes of Telenor package?

To check the remaining minutes of any Telenor package, you need to dial *222# from your Telenor SIM.

terms and conditions

  • All prices offered by Telenor are inclusive of taxes.
  • Call setup charges are not applicable for this bundle.
  • The package will not be automatically re-subscribed.
  • Users can check their free resources by dialing the free string *123#.
  • The bundle is available to all prepaid users nationwide.
  • Standard tariff for off-net/on-net calls and data will be charged as per the customer’s price plan once the offer expires or expires.
  • Monthly EasyCard can be subscribed multiple times within the validity, extending the validity up to 30 days from the time the offer is subscribed for again.

final call

Telenor Monthly EasyCard is an affordable package that provides you with high-speed internet, huge amount of data and communication options. With ultra-fast internet, plenty of internet data and plenty of minutes and texts, your online life becomes easier. We all know that Telenor is the best telecom provider which provides the best offers to its customers. They thought about what you need and put it all in one card. So, say goodbye to all your internet worries.