Two ways to check BISP new payment 10500

Two ways to check BISP new payment 10500


BISP New Payment 10500:

BISP stands for Benazir Income Support Program, which is a social safety net program in Pakistan that provides financial assistance to low-income families. There are several different BISP payments available, depending on the program and eligibility criteria.

BISP Sponsorship

This is the main program, which provides monthly stipends to pregnant women and families with young children. This amount was recently increased to Rs. 10,500 per month. Payments are typically made quarterly, with the most recent disbursement taking place in January 2024.

Benazir Kafalat installment:

Assalam Alaikum viewers will share with you the latest information about Benazir Income Support Program as a large number of people were waiting for this episode. Benazir Kafalat Program So suddenly a new and important update for those people. Has been published by the SP which clearly mentions when the eligible families will start getting the installment under Benazir Kafalat Program and the BI for ATM restoration for this new installment. SP has shared a big good news for you guys, so in today’s post we will also tell you on which date you can get the two installments of Benazir Kafalat Program and Education Scholarship Program through ATM. Payments will start and those who want to check the installments received under the Benazir Income Support Program sitting at home, we will also tell them the two easiest ways to check the installments and the new update of the next Benazir Income Support Program will also be released this month. being done. Now all of you will be able to check all the installments of Benazir Income Support Program sitting at home, how much money has been deposited in your account and along with this you will also be able to check your money sitting at home. This new process is being started by Benazir Income Support Program, so we are going to share some new and important details with you. Let us tell you that for convenience, a call center is being created in every province. Benazir Ay Assistance program that will have hundreds of BISP agents and job holders who will be there for you. Will attend all the calls coming from and also solve the problems of the people through live call and also check the payment of the people and inform them. A big step is being taken and yes viewers now take you to the second most important update that when will the option of ATM be restored for the people to release the installments of Benazir Income Support Programme. In this regard, news has also come from BISP that in the last week of this February, the installments of Benazir Income Support Program will also be started through ATM, but you can get your installments in advance through the agent, So for those people who want to get the installments through the agent, now a new update has been released that you all will get the benefit of Benazir Kafalat Program from 18th February. Installments will start being received, but the good news for you in this regard is that everyone’s money has come into your accounts. If there is money in the account, how much has been paid, then this is very good news for all of you. Benazir Income Support Program That installment is Rs. This time, the money of those who are becoming newly eligible is also slowly coming into their accounts.

BISP New Payment Check
BISP New Payment Check

Two ways to check BISP New Payment 10500:

Viewers let us tell you that many newly eligible people have got the money in their account and other people are also going to get the money and yes if you all want to check whether your money has come in your account or not. Otherwise, the two potentially easiest methods for this are also shared with you ahead of time, but before that let you know about some of the most important information that people are eligible for. Benazir Ay Support programs first. For about 30 to 40 lakh families who are eligible, BISP has now issued an alert that the last month is going on for those people in which they can avail the benefits of Benazir Income Support Program. If they do the dynamic survey, they will be eligible for Benazir Income Support Program for future. If they do not do their survey, they will be disqualified from the Benazir Income Support Programme. Get information about Re-Survey of Income Support Program and get your Re-Survey easily so that you can be eligible for Benazir Income Support Program forever and yes if you want to get complete information regarding Re-Survey. want. It is mandatory for these people to do the survey again and there are some important instructions for the survey which they will share with you. As far as the portal is concerned, those who are now eligible to appear on the web portal of 8171 should understand that the money has come to their account, but they have to wait for the date to withdraw the installment. Will have to do. 18 February, because now this 8171 web portal of Benazir Income Support Program is being updated on daily basis. Those who are newly eligible are being shown their eligibility status and those who are ineligible are being informed of either. That you have become ineligible or that you are being asked by persons other than those who wish to verify your Benazir Income Support Program payment to verify whether the money is in your account at that time. People can check their money by going to any agent with their ID card number, so only ID card number is needed to check the money, so you can send it to a relative or someone related to you sitting at home. Can. Some people may ask you to check Benazir Income Support Program Payment and tell them

BISP New Payment Check BISP New Payment Check
BISP New Payment Check

BSP Registration Check by CNIC:

There are two main ways to check your BISP registration status using your CNIC:

1. SMS Service:

  • This is the simplest and most widely used method.
  • dial 8171 On your mobile phone.
  • In the body of the message, type your CNIC number without dashes or spaces.
  • Send message.
  • You will receive an SMS response within a few minutes informing you about your registration status and eligibility for any BISP programs.

2. Online Portal:

  • Visit official BISP website
  • Click on “track your application“Tab.
  • enter your CNIC number And this Captcha code Displayed on the screen.
  • Click on “track status,
  • You will see your registration details and eligibility status on the screen.

Additional comments:

  • SMS service currently works for selected people the bishop Programs, which include Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Talimi Wazaif and Wasila-e-Haq.
  • If you are not registered for any of these programs, the SMS response will indicate that you are not registered.
  • For programs not covered by SMS service, you will have to use the online portal to check your status.
  • The information provided through the BISP website and SMS service is generally accurate, but sometimes there may be delays or discrepancies.
  • If you have any doubts or need additional assistance, you can contact BISP Helpline 111-786-111 Or visit the nearest BISP office.