Ufone Call Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Call Packages (December, 2023) – Package Plans

Ufone Call Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Call Packages (December, 2023) – Package Plans


Ufone, a well-known cellphone service provider in Pakistan, launched the Ufone Call package in 2001 and is owned by PTCL. In 2006, Emirates Telecommunications Corporation Etisalat acquired Ufone during the privatization of PTCL. With over 24 million subscribers and coverage in over 10,000 locations across Pakistan, it has established a substantial presence.

Are you looking for daily Ufone call packages?

Offering a range of convenient Ufone call packages for both local and international calls, Ufone daily call packages automatically renew at 12pm when there is sufficient credit, eliminating the need for daily reactivation. One of the most popular options is the Super 5 offer, which offers unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL and Vphone from 5 am to 5 pm.

Another notable package, the Daily Pakistan Offer, offers unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone as well as a generous allocation of internet MB. Ufone continues to introduce new daily call packages with impressive add-ons including free SMS and Internet MB.

Ufone call packages weekly:

Ufone, a standout telecom company in Pakistan, stands out from its competitors because of its bold and fun marketing, which has yielded good results. It is one of the few brands in the country that uses humor effectively in its marketing campaigns.

When Ufone was launched, people noticed its innovative use of new telecommunication technologies. Over time, the company expanded its offerings to include a variety of additional services that go beyond basic calls and texts. These services cater to the diverse needs of customers including education and entertainment.

Ufone Call Packages offers a range of weekly call packages, which provides convenience to customers and eliminates the need for daily recharging and package renewal. Popular options include Power Pack (Genuine Slipper Fur) Offers and Weekly Pakistan Offers.

The Power Pack offers an amazing deal with 100 on-net minutes, 100 SMS and 1000 MB internet data. On the other hand, the Weekly Pakistan offer offers unlimited on-net minutes with 100 MB internet data. These packages provide Ufone customers with easy and flexible communication options throughout the week.

All about monthly Ufone call packages

Ufone Call Packages has a variety of monthly call packages, and the most popular is the Super Card package. This package offers exciting benefits to Ufone prepaid customers at highly affordable rates. Customers can choose from various options like Ufone Super Card Plus, Ufone Super Card, Ufone Mini Super Card, Ufone Super Recharge Offer, Ufone Super Minutes and Ufone Super Internet. This flexibility enables customers to choose the Ufone Super Card package that best suits their specific needs, convenience and budget.

An excellent offer is the Ufone Super Card, which is available for just Rs. Available at Rs 520/- per month. It is valid for 1 month and includes 1000 MB mobile internet, 1000 free SMS, 1000 on-net minutes and 150 off-net minutes. To subscribe, customers can load the Ufone Super Card onto their account or use Uload.

Another great and widely used option is the Ufone Super Card Plus, which is priced at just Rs 599/- with 1 month validity. This package offers 1500 MB mobile internet, 4200 free SMS, 1200 on-net minutes and 180 off-net minutes. Like Ufone Super Card, customers can activate this offer by loading Ufone Super Card Plus or through Uload.