Finding the Right Union Bank Customer Care Number for Your Banking Needs

Finding the Right Union Bank Customer Care Number for Your Banking Needs


Union Bank of India (UBI) offers a wide range of banking services including savings/current accounts, loans, credit cards, demat services and more. To get seamless customer support for your specific needs, it is important to know the correct UBI customer care number to call.

This article provides all the key customer care numbers for Union Bank and how to use them effectively.

How to Find the Phone Number for Your Union Bank Branch

If you want to contact your home Union Bank branch directly regarding account statements, cheque books, cash deposits or any other general services, you can lookup the phone number easily:

  • Go to and click on ‘Contact Us’
  • Under Branch Network, select your state and city
  • This will display the list of UBI branches in your city
  • Click on your branch and their phone number will be mentioned on the page
  • Call this number for immediate assistance from your branch

Having your branch’s phone number handy allows you to directly contact them for any account-related matters, avoiding visiting the branch personally.

Key National Customer Care Numbers

In addition to local branch numbers, Union Bank has centralized all-India toll-free customer care numbers for different services:

Customer Care – 1800 208 2244

For general queries related to accounts, deposits, transactions, interest rates and other regular savings/current account services.

Credit Card Services – 1800 425 0104

For all your credit card needs – application status, reward points, billing disputes, lost card blocking and other services.

Debit Card Services – 1800 208 2244

To block lost debit card, get new card issued, resolve transaction issues or any other debit card related assistance.

**Loans – 1800 208 2244 **

For existing home, personal, car loan customers to get details on EMIs, foreclosures, prepayments, loan eligibility and related queries.

Demat Services – 1800 212 223 344

For any assistance regarding your Union Demat account including statement requests, credits and debits issues, nominee registration etc.

NRI Services – 1800 208 2244

For NRIs to avail remittances, forex services, account opening and other NRI banking needs.

Corporate Banking – 1800 208 2244

For corporate clients of Union Bank to get assistance regarding current accounts, cash management services and other needs.

How to Find Relevant Email IDs

In addition to calling, you can also email your queries or complaints to Union Bank customer care at:

  • Customer Care –
  • Credit Cards –
  • Loans –
  • Demat Services –
  • Complaints –

Email is useful for non-urgent queries or when you need detailed resolution. Do mention relevant account or card numbers.

How to Lodge Complaints Against Union Bank

While most issues can be resolved instantly over the helplines, you can submit written complaints for problems requiring detailed investigation:

Step 1: Call customer care and get a complaint reference number for your issue. Note it down.

Step 2: Draft a complaint letter explaining your grievance in detail. Submit at your home branch.

Step 3: You can email complaints to as well. Attach relevant documents.

Step 4: Follow up on the status regularly via the complaint reference number.

Step 5: If not satisfied with the resolution, approach the Banking Ombudsman.

The key is to not let go and persistently follow up until your issues are resolved satisfactorily. Polite and professional communication goes a long way.

How to Check Application Status for Loans/Cards

When you apply for a credit card or loan with Union Bank, it takes some processing time before approval. Rather than waiting indefinitely, call up the below helplines to check status:

Credit Card Application – Call the credit card customer care IVR and select the option to check application status and enter details to get current status.

Loan Application – Call the loans helpline and talk to an executive to get your loan application status by providing reference details.

This proactive approach is better than personally going to the branch repeatedly to check.

How to Instantly Block Lost Debit/Credit Card

If you lose your Union Bank debit or credit card, immediately call the 24×7 toll-free numbers to block the card and prevent misuse:

  • Debit Card Blocking – 1800 208 2244
  • Credit Card Blocking – 1800 425 0104

You must also submit a written request at your home branch for blocking the lost card and getting a replacement card issued at the earliest. Prompt card blocking is crucial to avoid fraudulent transactions.

How to Get Connected to an Agent Quickly

When you call Union Bank’s helpline numbers, you first hear an automated IVR menu listing options. To skip this and directly talk to a customer care agent, follow these simple steps:

  • Call the customer care number and wait as the IVR provides options.
  • When prompted by the IVR to choose an option, do not select any option.
  • This will take you to the next step for talking to an executive.
  • Press 1 on your dial pad and your call gets instantly transferred to an agent.

This shortcut saves you time and connects you quickly to Union Bank’s customer service for immediate assistance.


Union Bank tries to make customer service as seamless as possible across services by providing dedicated helplines, email support and escalation mechanisms. Knowing the appropriate contact channels and using them effectively can help get your banking issues resolved promptly. Keep the toll-free numbers handy so that you can reach out conveniently whenever needed!


Union Bank offers multiple touchpoints like toll-free numbers and email IDs for customers to get assistance and redressal of issues related to accounts, credit cards, loans, and other services. Knowing the right helpline for your specific requirements and contacting them for grievances helps get prompt resolution. Keeping the national customer care numbers handy allows you to get support conveniently, avoiding visiting the branch.