Zewar Taleem Program Online Apply 2024

Zewar Taleem Program Online Apply 2024


Zewar Taleem Program is a conditional cash transfer program launched by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan in 2023. The program aims to improve school enrollment and retention rates of girls in government schools in 16 districts with low literacy rates.

The program offers a monthly stipend of Rs. Rs 1,000 to eligible girls aged 11 to 16 years enrolled in classes 6 to 10 in government schools.

Zewar Taleem Program Online Apply:

Assalam Alaikum Viewers Zawar Education Program is a program under which education scholarships are issued to children. Scholarships are available from Education Scholarship Program but Zawar Education Program is different i.e. two support programs are working to release children scholarship under which school age group children can get scholarship. We will also inform and update you about the children’s scholarship received under Benazir Education Scholarship as the double installment of the children’s scholarship of the regular beneficiaries of Benazir Kafal Program is going to start very soon, so moving forward on the details of all these updates .

Zewar Taleem Program
Zewar Taleem Program

Benazir Talimi Wazifa Double Qist:

The first thing viewers talk about is Zawar Education Program, what program is it, which children can join it and can they get scholarship after enrollment, then this Zawar Education Program has a low rate for family, which has Female students are given a stipend of Rs 16,3000 on a quarterly basis. To know the eligibility from 6th to 10th class on quarterly basis in government schools of the districts, a link is also given in the description box with the app. A helpline number is also being provided to parents, who can call 1221 to get information about this program. In case of eligibility, parents can connect with the nearest HBL agent Alfafa or UBL Omni agents. Can be registered by doing biometrics from the nearest cashout agent after getting biometric verification from the nearest cashout agent with your original ID card and registered mobile number. can do

Zewar Taleem ProgramZewar Taleem Program
Zewar Taleem Program

Bisp Program Qist 8500 Start:

Now let’s talk about the registration of this program, the eligibility criteria for Zero Education states that girls enrolled in government schools in selected 16 districts can benefit from this program and these districts include Dera Ghazi Khan Bahawal. Nagar Bhakkar, Okada, Pak Patan, Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, Wahari, Kasur, Lodhran and Bahawalpur are included and in this program, girls who are students from class 6th to class 10th, if they are from class 6th in government schools, can register. Can. Out of the selected 16 districts. If you are studying till 10th and your parent’s ID card is not registered, then contact your school administration or DM office, when you contact them you will be registered in this program through them. You can get your assistance up to one thousand rupees and recently the installment of Zawar Education Program has been released, so only those children of those districts can get their installment, now moving towards the second update, Benazir Education. The scholarship program is also a big project, so under this, the double installment for the children of all the eligible beneficiaries is going to be released in January 2024, so all of you should be ready because from January 1, you all will have to pay by visiting the nearest payment center. These payments will start coming, so this time your children will get double the installment. If you used to get Rs 4,000 as child allowance, now you will get Rs 8,000, that is, there will be two installments. Also, women who have not yet received the latest installment of Rs 8500 can also get it from their nearest centres. Benazir Income Support Program 8500Zewar Taleem ProgramZewar Taleem Program

Zewar Taleem Program

Benazir Taleemi Wazifa Double Qist Online Registration:

Here’s what you need to know Benazir Talimi Scholarship online registration:


  • you should be the beneficiary of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).
  • Your children must be enrolled in a recognized educational institution (primary, secondary or higher education).
  • Their age must fall within the eligibility criteria of the program (varies depending on education level).

Registration Methods:

  • Online: Use the official BISP website (https://bisp.gov.pk/) or their mobile app. You will need your CNIC number and other relevant details.
  • Offline: Visit your nearest BISP office with your CNIC and your children’s birth certificates and school attendance documents.

important point:

  • The current registration period for the program has not been announced yet. Stay updated through BISP official channels for announcements.
  • There has been no official announcement regarding “dual tranches” or any special registration process for them. Be wary of any misinformation circulating online.
  • Registration for the program does not guarantee immediate approval or disbursement of funds. BISP verifies the data and eligibility before awarding the scholarship.

For more information and updates, you can:

  • Visit BISP Website
  • Download BISP Mobile App
  • Call BISP Helpline (8171)
  • Visit your nearest BISP office