Zomato Customer Care Number: A Complete Guide

Zomato Customer Care Number: A Complete Guide


Ordering food online using apps like Zomato has become a part of our daily lives. However, sometimes we may face issues that require us to reach out to Zomato customer support.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look at everything you need to know about Zomato customer care number.

Why You Might Need Zomato Customer Support

Zomato makes online food delivery seamless most of the times. But there can be situations when you need assistance from their customer care:

  • Order issues – Wrong dish delivered, items missing from order, delayed order, etc.
  • Payment problems – Payment failure, wallet recharge not working, refund not received.
  • App and website issues – App crashing frequently, unable to log in, website not loading.
  • Account blocked – Account deactivated due to suspicious activity or violations.
  • Rider concerns – Rider went to wrong address, food was tampered with, rude behavior by rider.
  • Restaurant complaints – Restaurant refused to accept order, poor food quality, unhygienic packaging.
  • Offers & promotions – Issues with applying promo codes, reward points not credited.
  • Suggestions and feedback – Want to provide feedback about service, recommend new features, etc.

In all such cases, you can reach out to Zomato customer care for quick redressal.

How to Contact Zomato Customer Care

Zomato provides multiple channels to get in touch with their customer service team:

Phone Support

  • India – +91 9212340217 – Zomato’s helpline number for Indian users. You can call them 24×7.
  • UAE – 800-030-104 – For customers in UAE. The helpline is open from 9 AM – 11 PM.
  • South Africa – 080 020 0870 – Available from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.
  • Australia – +61 2 80014513 – Operates 24 hours on all days of the week.
  • New Zealand – +64 99885566 – Active 24×7 to serve customers in New Zealand.
  • Turkey – +90 8502551055 – You can call this Turkish support number round the clock.
  • Portugal – +351 800181042 – Available on all days between 10 AM – 7 PM.
  • Philippines – 180013207817 – Operates 24 hours daily to help Filipino customers.

Chat Support

On both Zomato app and website, a chat widget is present. You can use it to instantly connect with a customer care executive via live chat. The chat support is available only during day time.

Email Support

You can write about your issue in detail and send it to Zomato customer care email – zomato@zomato.com. The team responds to emails within 48 hours.

Social Media Support

Zomato is fairly active on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can tweet your issue to @zomato or send them a private message on Facebook. Their social media team provides swift assistance.

Zomato Customer Service Number for Top Cities

Apart from the helpline numbers mentioned above, Zomato also provides city-specific customer support numbers:

  • Delhi NCR – +91 8130801802
  • Mumbai – +91 8108018020
  • Pune – +91 8380028128
  • Hyderabad – +91 9246837353
  • Bengaluru – +91 80 67151111
  • Kolkata – +91 9073662662
  • Chennai – +91 9381000138
  • Chandigarh – +91 7837715811
  • Ahmedabad – +91 7575076179
  • Jaipur – +91 7737017319

You can find the full list of city-wise support numbers on Zomato’s Help page. Calling these local helpline numbers usually gets you quicker resolution.

Top Zomato Customer Service Issues

Some of the most common Zomato issues that their customer care helps resolve are:

Problem: App Crashing Repeatedly

Solution: Update the app to latest version, clear cache, restart your phone, reinstall app if needed.

Problem: Ordered Wrong Dish

Solution: Call customer support immediately, don’t accept delivery. New correct order will be sent. Refund provided for wrong item.

Problem: Payment Failed But Amount Deducted

Solution: Contact care team with transaction details. They will initiate refund if payment actually went through but order didn’t get placed.

Problem: Account Deactivated

Solution: Appeal the deactivation via email or chat support. Provide explanation and assure you will follow guidelines going forward.

Problem: Rider Unprofessional Behavior

Solution: Report issue immediately along with order details. Zomato takes rider complaints seriously. Strict action is taken against problematic riders.

Problem: Restaurant Not Accepting Order

Solution: Customer care will connect you to restaurant to understand issue. Refund provided for unfulfilled order. Alternatively, order placed at another suitable restaurant.

Problem: Promo Code Not Working

Solution: Check code validity. Contact support if genuine active code doesn’t work. They will apply promo benefit manually for eligible order.

Tips for Availing Zomato Support

Follow these tips to get quick and satisfactory resolution of your issues by Zomato customer service:

  • Note your order or transaction ID while calling support. Helps them instantly pull up records.
  • Keep app updated to avoid bugs. Update payment methods for seamless checkout.
  • Explain issue clearly and provide relevant details when chatting with agent.
  • Be polite on call. Shouting or being rude will not get your problem resolved faster.
  • Choose helpline number as per your location for faster service.
  • Take screenshots of errors or payment failures to share with support team.
  • Have patience as some requests like refund or account unban can take 2-3 days to process.


Zomato’s customer support channels like phone helplines, chat, email, and social media ensure users get assistance easily for any issues faced while ordering food online. Their customer service team is trained to quickly diagnose problems and provide effective solutions.

Knowing the right customer care contact suits your needs, having details ready of order or transaction, and communicating clearly can help get your problems resolved faster. With its strong customer support, Zomato continues to make online food delivery pleasant and hassle-free experience for users.