zong balance share code how to transfer zong balance

zong balance share code how to transfer zong balance


terms and conditions

All taxes are applicable on this service. Rs 2 + taxes on every successful transfer

Fees and codes are subject to change at any time, and all rights are reserved to Zong Company.

You can share scratch card recharge, mini load e-pin and e-top-up and share the balance in advance.

You cannot share the loan amount, handset balance, promotion amount, or redeemed and reimbursed balances.

You will have Rs 5 left in your account after sharing the balance with others; For example, if you have Rs 22 and you want to share Rs 20, you will not be able to make it; For Rs 22, you can share a maximum of Rs 17, while Rs 5 will be left after the transaction.

Customers can make 5 transactions per day. Once you have already done 5 you can do further transactions.

This service is not available to dealers and franchise employers.

This code can be used only by prepaid customers. The sender and recipient must be prepaid customers. Postpaid connection holders can use this service.

No prior subscription is required to use this Zong balance share code.

This code only works for sharing balance from Zong to Zong

The code is the same for all customers regardless of location, except people living in FATA and PATA can use this code

All share codes and procedures are subject to Zong Company’s policy and conditions