zong free google maps offer

zong free google maps offer

Zong has launched a new free Google Maps service for its users. Zong’s free Google Maps offer is an excellent package that lasts for a month. It offers 4G LTE internet for prepaid and postpaid users to use Google Maps with 500GB data access at a reasonable price, making it very convenient for customers. This offer saves users from the worry of data exhaustion and the need to purchase data bundles or packages multiple times a month. Now you can track your locations, set timers and go to any destination without any charges. All offer codes and details are given below:


To avail the offer, users need to dial *627# and the package will be activated. Furthermore, the bundle comes with very fast internet. After completing the purchase, users will get access to a monthly super offer called “Zong Monthly Google Maps Offer” for the entire month. The package or bundle will automatically renew every month. However, Zong 4G has partnered with Google Maps to provide free access to Google Maps for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Also, you can avail this offer for just Rs 1 throughout the month.

Zong Monthly Google Maps Offer Code and Details

package nameZong Monthly Free Google Maps Offer
legality30 days (one month)
priceRupee. 1 including tax
balance requiredRupee. 1 pkr
on-net minutes0
off-net minutes0
internet data500MB (Google Maps)
membership code*627#
Check remaining MB, minutes and SMS status*102#

How to subscribe to Zong free Google Maps offer?

There are only two ways to activate this offer. One by dialing the subscription code and the other through My Zong app. The methods are given below:

ussd code

To activate this package, dial *627# from your Jazz mobile number. Make sure you have a balance of Rs. In your SIM before activation 1.

my zong app

One of the best ways to subscribe to Zong packages is to use the My Zong app. It provides an easy way to subscribe to a free Google Maps package (Zong Google Maps Bundle). Download the app and verify your phone number. Next, follow the simple step-by-step process. Once your app opens, scroll down to find the “Bundles” icon located on the bottom menu. In the package list, see the free map offer Zong. If it isn’t visible, use the search button to find it and type “Zong Free Google Maps Offer”. Once you find it, simply tap to subscribe to the bundle.

terms and conditions

  • FUP internet is also available.
  • To avail this offer, you need to activate the relevant data bundle.
  • Download offline and online maps.
  • You will only have 500MB to use Google Maps.
  • The latest version of Google Maps allows zero rating on Android GMM 10.48+ or iOS GMM 5.51+.
  • This bundle will not open any external links to any business.
  • The company will have the handle to terminate this package at any time.

questions to ask

What is Zong Monthly Free Google Maps Offer?

Zong Google Maps Offer is a free service for users to get access to Google Maps for an entire month. The bundle comes with 500MB of internet data to use Google Maps.

What is the activation code for this package?

To activate this bundle, you need to dial *627# from your Zong SIM. Make sure you have a minimum balance of Rs 1 in your SIM.

How to check remaining data of any Zong package?

To check remaining data, simply dial *102# from your Zong SIM. After some time you will get a message from the service. Also, you can check the data consumption using My Zong app.


Zong Monthly Google Maps Offer is a highly cost-effective service that provides fast internet, data allowance for Google Maps and a variety of features. This package streamlines your exploring experience with its high-speed internet. Zong is a well-known telecom provider that consistently offers excellent deals to its customers.